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Hindi Language Classes Can Help You

How Hindi Language Classes Can Help You Overcome Challenges?

26 Oct, 2023    Hindi Classes

Before you decide to learn Hindi, knowing your motivation and why you want to learn the language is vital. However, people often learn to get business opportunities or to add one more language to their vocabulary. However, these reasons may seem uninteresting after a certain point. So, having a passion for learning is essential to keep it intriguing.

Hindi is a complex language, and a foreigner can face various challenges during the learning period. However, Hindi language classes can help you overcome challenges and provide a language-friendly environment with the appropriate guidance.

Overcoming the Challenges in Learning Hindi

One can learn Hindi from blogs or videos, but Hindi is a complex language requiring lessons and an environment to understand. Hindi is the official language of India and other neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. According to the studies, only 12% of Indians speak English, and 54% speak Hindi. Therefore, learning the language can be a great asset to speaking with natives, exploring job opportunities, and knowing the culture.

Here are some challenges that you will face during your Hindi learning journey:

Different Sounds

The first problem an English speaker faces is the pronunciation of certain letters. Hindi has some sounds that are different from the English language. For example, Hindi has four different sounds of T, which are ट ठ त थ, seeming similar to non-Hindi speakers. Therefore, knowing the difference and learning the sounds is necessary, as is possible with a Hindi coach. Hindi language classes will provide a patient environment to learn these similar-sounding letters.

Larger Alphabet Systems

The English language has 26 alphabets, and all the words are just combinations of these words. However, Hindi has around 46 generally used letters and more than 50 conjunction letters. The conjunction letters are when two letters join to make a shorter form.

In addition, apart from the alphabet system, the numbering system is also very different. In English, the numbering system is easy as it follows a similar pattern through the numbers from 0 to 100. On the other hand, every count in Hindi is different, unlike twenty-two, thirty-two, or forty-two. So, learning these alphabets and numbers is a time-consuming process requiring daily practice, which is better possible with Hindi language classes.

Gender Oriented Things

English speakers will find the truth unusual, but in Hindi, every object has a gender. We usually call a child either a small boy or a small girl. But in Hindi, the word small changes to boy or girl. The interesting yet confusing part is that not only humans but every object and feeling, like cars, keys, bottles, hunger, etc., is either feminine or masculine.

It gets tricky to know the difference between the genders thing as there is no hard and fast rule for making things masculine or feminine. So, start with guesswork and practice with which you can rule the difference later. There are also online Hindi lessons available if you are unable to join a physical class.

Aspirated Letters

There are two types of consonants i.e. unaspirated and aspirated. Though the same letter is used, there is a difference in speaking of both consonants. Aspirated letters are pronounced the same but require more force. The major difference you can see is the blow of air.

To determine the difference, you need to hold your hand a little far from your mouth. In unaspirated words, you will feel a low blow of air, while in aspirated words, you will experience more force in the air.

Knowing these differences can feel overwhelming, but joining Hindi classes in New York can assist you. More people in the circle with the same learning process boosts your confidence and provides conversational practice.

Different Sentence Structure

If you form an English sentence from Hindi, the result will be a disoriented line. This is due to different word orders in both languages. So, let us understand the difference:

English sentence formation is “Subject-Verb-Object” whereas

Hindi sentences go like “Subject-Object-Verb”.

Therefore, while forming Hindi sentences, keep in mind the SOV rule. There are other complexities while learning a language. Therefore, Hindi language classes can help you know these small yet major language specifications.


Hindi is a prominent language providing benefits, especially for working in India or exploring its culture. In addition, Hindi does not only offer benefits but also facilitates healthy brain function by significantly increasing cognitive functions.

The good part is you can learn Hindi either by joining an academy or even taking online Hindi classes if you do not have the comfort or time to join a physical class.

You can join us at Dr Sonia Sharma Academy, as she is an experienced professor in US, giving classes for different subjects, including divorce life coaching and media appearances.

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