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Couples Counseling in New York: Restore the Essence of Your Relationship

11 Dec, 2023    Couples Counseling

Life is beautiful when you are content in love such that the bad may seem good. However, after a certain time or due to problems, the relationship hurts or feels like a burden. The worst part about a relationship is that you do not realize when you start drifting apart.

In today’s time, people are so busy that it is difficult to make time for each other, and it has become easy to slowly drift apart without even noticing. Any small argument turns into a serious mess. Relationship problems can deeply affect a person’s mental health. If you are trying ways to revive your relationship, have you considered couples counseling as an option?

So, let us explore couples counseling, techniques, and its impact on your relationship.

What is Couples Counseling?

Every relationship has ups and downs, but sometimes conflicts get bigger such that the partners do not want to see each other or cannot talk without arguments. In some cases, the couple seeks divorce or stays away from each other.

However, every couple desire to improve their relationship, which is possible with couples counseling. So, counseling is talk therapy that involves both partners and can help in resolving the issues.

If partners are willing to invest and improve their relationship, couple therapy can be of great help in understanding the issues and working accordingly. Therapy can address various root causes of the relationship, like affair issues, disconnection, intimacy issues, recurring conflicts, external life issues, etc.

When to Seek Professional Advice?

Practically speaking, we should take medicine before we get extremely sick. However, we often rush to the doctor when things get out of hand. Similarly, till the time one seeks marriage counseling, relationships often are on the verge of breaking point.

Therefore, people should seek counseling when they feel the benefits are not manageable. Also, it takes time for both partners to get on the same page and agree to communicate about the relationship problems.

Finding the perfect coach that feels right for both is also a time-consuming task. Therefore, one should connect with a relationship life coach before things get unable to revive.

Couples Counseling Exercises for Improving Connection

Couple therapy is a complex practice that covers various kinds of practices and techniques. However, here are some of the common activities that your therapist can suggest to enhance communication and connection:

Communication Without Judging:

It is essential to listen to your partner and understand their feelings without judging. Having open communication can help you comprehend the root cause of problems. However, it is not easy to open up when there are already issues going on.

So, plan a good time when you willingly listen to each other. A couple is the strongest when they communicate everything, especially the difficult conversations.

Filling the Intimacy Needs:

There are various times when people experience a lack of intimacy in a relationship or issues relating to it. If you are drifting apart and feel no intimacy is left. You will need to work on this aspect. Both partners can communicate as every individual has different needs.

In addition, working on each intimacy, including emotional, social, physical, and intellectual. Plan your dates or spend time evolving with each type.

Expressing Gratitude:

Partners should appreciate each other instead of getting frustrated every time. Practicing gratitude and appreciation towards each other can solve half of the problem. Appreciate and compliment your partner, even if it is a small gesture like cooking food or bringing flowers.

The Love Language:

No one feels the same in relationships, as each individual has a different love language. There are five types of love languages which are:

  • Receiving Gifts
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical touch
  • Quality Time
  • Acts of service

So, it is essential to understand the love languages so that you can give and take love the way you like.

Build the Connection:

Every couple has their way of bonding and building a higher connection. Therefore, you should try new things or relive your old memories to feel loved and build a stronger connection. However, for a spiritual association, you can also practice partner yoga together which can make your connection unbreakable.


Relationships are delicate and require nurturing like a baby. You grow with each other over time, but conflicts between partners can shatter a person. So, you can try couple counseling in NYC to create a better environment for your relationship. In addition, marriage counseling in NYC can save your marriage.

Relationship problems can affect the overall life of a person. So, if you are struggling with your marriage, you can get help from a professional and experienced couples counseling in NYC. You can contact Dr. Sonia Sharma, an experienced life coach who provides coaching for a relationship, post-divorce recovery, Hindi classes, and Media appearances. The life of a person takes a complete turn after separation, so Dr. Sonia is a divorce & transformation coach in New York and can get you back on track.

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