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Hello, welcome to my page!

I am Dr. Sonia, a professional certified Life Coach & a former university professor.

What services do I specialize in?

My focus is to help men & women who have gone through or are in the midst of a breakup or divorce gain clarity, confidence, & use this experience as a catalyst to live their best life!
I am offering a special online coaching program called the Phoenix Power Program that enables people to make tremendous progress in their post-breakup or post-divorce recovery in a matter of 4 weeks. This program features the methodology that I developed based on my personal experience of getting divorced & being a single mom & 5 years of professional research.

What is my professional background?

I hold a BA, MA, Master of Education & a Doctorate. Previously, I taught in prestigious American universities such as Stanford, Columbia, UC Berkeley, and the Dept of Defense. I have published two books and a dozen articles. I have received multiple awards for my work and continue to have the opportunity to be interviewed on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, webinars, and podcasts.

Further information Online Divorce/Breakup Therapist & Life Coach

Working with a therapist or a family counselor can help a person going through a difficult phase and personal tragedy. We all need a life coach at some point in our lives. People going through a divorce can seek post -divorce recovery life coaching. Divorce support can help you prepare during the post-marital conflict, allowing people to benefit from the process. Divorce therapy can bring great relief to people dealing with it and overwhelmed by the process. So, here are some services you can get at post-divorce recovery services when seeking relationship help.

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Life coaching
  • Break-up & divorce coaching

How Can Divorce Therapy Help?

Divorce and relationship issues can be a cause of distress among couples. Visiting a therapist online/in-person can be a sure-shot way for coping with separation and helping with better solutions. If you want to consider an online therapist because of time limitations, you can do that too. If you cannot give time due to regular traveling to work and limited options of nearby therapists, you can choose a post-divorce recovery service online.

Online therapists employ the same evidence-based practices as traditional marriage and family therapists and can help at any point in a divorce. You can attend counseling in New York with your spouse to determine the right step post-divorce, mediate the divorce process, or assist with parenting issues. You can also seek treatment from a therapist to recover from the loss. Online therapy has been thoroughly studied and shown to be as effective as in-person meetings.

About DR. Sonia Sharma’s Divorce Therapy Sessions

Ending a marriage can be a difficult task without help from a mediator, it can be traumatic for both partners and strain mentally, physically, and financially. Divorce counseling can be a one-on-one discussion.

It can be traumatic for both partners when a marriage ends. Divorce can bring mental, physical, and financial agony to partners. To feel better and plan in a better way, you can decide to seek couples counseling. Divorce can cause guilt, worry, anxiety, melancholy, and grief. A person going through a divorce does not know who to look for and come out of a difficult phase. So, divorce counseling can bring changes to life.

Dr. Sonia Sharma is a renowned therapist with a unique and rational approach to couple’s therapy. Talking to her can be easy as she prioritizes her client's privacy and comfort. People seeking relationship counseling and couples therapy in New York find her services extremely rewarding.


Dr. Sonia Sharma (formerly Taneja) has 20 years of professional experience from prestigious and world-renowned American universities such as Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, and Columbia University in the City of New York. She has served as a professor at the Defense Language Institute, part of the US Department of Defense. She is a renowned speaker, a breakup coach, a family counselor, and a post-divorce recovery Life Coaching expert.



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