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Online Life Coaching VS In-person Coaching: Which is Better?

26 Jun, 2023    Life Coach

Most of us once in a while in life feel “What should I do with my life” or “What next”. If you want to find a purpose in your life, you need to meet someone who motivates you and helps you achieve your goals.

Life coaching does all that and offers great help to those who are literally looking to improve their life. Or they want to build a happier and more meaningful life. Life coaching is an effective type of talking therapy and a contemporary form of counselling in the sense that it has helped people make significant changes in their lives.

Many people find life coaching services rewarding when they are navigating their lives. You can meet a life coach when you want to work toward a more ideal version of your life. You and your life coach can solve issues pertaining to career, self-care, relationships, family and self-image. Even if you have sought help earlier, at some point, you need to consider whether you should meet your life coach in person or meet your life coach online.

Life Coach Online VS In-Person Coaching

Online or offline, taking life coach courses has significant advantages. Some people might choose to study in the comfort of their own bed, while others might prefer to interact in person with their teacher and other students who share their interests. In this blog post, we will discuss some pros and cons of online life coaching Vs In-person coaching.

Pros of In-Person Life Coaching

● Creating great rapport with a life coach is easy during in-person meetings.
● You’ll be able to tell whether there’s any discomfort or tension, which will make it simpler for you to determine whether to totally commit.
● Travelling to a different workspace could help shake up some stale thought patterns because the environment can have a significant impact on mental energy.

Cons of In-Person Coaching

● Choosing the right location is key when finding In-person coaching. Sometimes traffic and crowded parking lots can also take out time from your busy schedule.
● At times, it can be difficult to keep private coaching sessions confidential.
● The price is typically higher for taking in-person tutoring.

Pros of Online Life -Coaching

● With online life coaching, clients may avoid driving, parking, and other hassles in favor of private, relaxing sessions in their pajamas on the couch.
● Without ever needing to plan a session, the messaging component also enables consistent coaching.
● Clients have many options to choose from an array of options in smaller locations.

Cons of Online Coaching

● Some clients want to have a stronger sense of connection with their health and wellness coach. But it varies from client to client what they want and need from such services.
● In addition, there may be a disadvantage in that online life coaching sessions may not be as intimate as in-person ones.
● Coaching sessions might sometimes be interrupted by technological issues like a bad Internet connection.


Since interaction between sessions is typically conducted through phone or email, the majority of life coaching sessions will include some digital components. The ideal method for life coaching has elements of both.

When life coaches adopt a hybrid strategy, alternating between in-person coaching sessions for focused one-on-one training and online coaching for circumstances that call for group sessions, clients benefit the most. It depends on your comfort level and the type of life coaching strategy that suits you.

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